Who Is This Site For?

I work to bring the best step-by-step solutions for:


The overworked corporate warriors that deserve to be paid more.

The budding entrepreneur that doesn’t know where to start.

The debt-loaded college student who can’t afford settling for a minimun wage job.

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If you’ve ever asked yourself ANY of the questions below, then you’re in the right place

How can I find a job that I’m passionate about?

How can I negotiate a higher salary or better rates?

How can I market myself or my company to gain more customers?

How can I start a new profitable business with minimal investment and time?

Whose Responsible for creating Earn More Academy?

Glad you asked, my friend! Currently based in Portland, OR, Earn More Academy was founded by Joe Johnson. Third person a side, I started EMA while living as an expat teacher in South Korea in 2013, after leaving my positon at Apple, Inc. As I prepared to travel back to the states, I saw that there weren’t any clear step-by-step solutions to guide regular people, like me, in achieving the next level in their career. I would then conquer A LOT of personal goals and obstacles before finally launching Earn More Academy, such as:


Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Learning how to articulate the benefits, rather than the features of your brand is the key to growth. That's how I was able to quickly scale a small franchise company from 17 to 77 stores within 14 months. It worth noting that each store was priced at $250,000.


Perfecting the Art of Online Marketing

Making a great product is one thing. Getting your product or service in front of hundreds of the RIGHT customers is a completely different topic. That's why I choose to learn from the legend, Bruce Clay; the man that coined the term SEO aka Search Engine Optimization.


Build a Successful Side Business

Launching a Physical Products business on Amazon was the most exhilirating thing that I've done. There are A LOT of steps between picking a profitable niche to collecting your checks from Amazon. Don't worry, I've documented each of steps and I'm excited to help you launch your own side business.

Joe Johnson of Earn More Academy at Amazon Product Business Conference


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