My business revolves around my users, readers, and customers trusting me, so I want to be crystal-clear about my policy on monetization. I earn money in several ways via this site and my associated sites, including:

  • Selling direct products
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Partnerships
  • Text ads
  • Public speaking

Some of the affiliate programs include (but are not limited to) Commission Junction, which represents companies like ING Direct and MyFico, and Amazon.

Some sites I recommend do compensate me, but in ways other than money. For example, when I recommend Gilt (a clothing site), each paying referral generates Gilt credits. While this is not direct monetary compensation, I do disclose the relationship when I recommend them.

For affiliate and partnership links, I recommend products I have analyzed and/or used extensively. For text ads, I do not test and/or analyze their products.

On my email list, I will occasionally post sponsored content and clearly label it as such.

If I find that a product I have recommended is not satisfactory, I will post an update to my readers.